All you can eat boat and crew internet data

This is boat internet as it should be. A choice of connections, all with excellent coverage. It’s just you, the crew and guests, happily ever after.

Introducing truly unlimited EU data

Exclusive offer for European boats

No speed throttling, no over-usage charges. Pay for a year of service for truly unlimited internet and forget about additional charges.

Internet services in one place

Internet services in one place

Great plans, no lengthy lock-ins

Need to upgrade your allowance when you have guests on-board, or how about downgrading when you have just a handful of crew? Most of our plans are monthly rolling, so having a flexible plan makes sense for most boats.

Spend less time buffering

No speed throttling

We’re aware that other network providers may throttle when you reach a certain usage. Marine Plans data cards are not speed throttled. It’s your data – use it however you want.

Internet services in one place

A contract that works the way you do. Suspend, resume, repeat

All boats work differently when it comes to guests and itinerary, your internet plan shouldn’t get in the way of that. Don’t need internet for a few months? Suspend with a click of a button, and pay no monthly charges until you decide when to resume again. Simple.

Spread data over multiple cards for a fast, reliable connection

Choose to add more cards to your plan and spread data across multiple SIM cards – an affordable solution for your failover and bandwidth bonding requirements. Works well with compatible mobile data routers including CELLweaver, Meridian4G and Peplink.

Happy guests, happy crew

Medium crew

EU coverage

620 £

/ Monthly

GB allowance

What’s the difference between crew plans and boat plans?

Here at Marine Plans, we have two main network providers – Orange France and Vodafone. For crew personal plans, we recommend Vodafone because you’ll get unlimited voice calls and messages in the EU. Orange France is our recommended network for boats using data only. The Orange France network has a larger number of partner networks, meaning the coverage for these plans is a little better than the Vodafone network.

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Scale your connections with combined satellite, 4G data and new laser comms.

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The best in boat entertainment including favourites Sky UK, NC+ and DirecTV.


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