On-board or cloud based email services

Email that works the way you need it to, with on-board server and/or cloud based solutions available. Keep all emails for a specific retention period with Exchange archive and access from all devices. With single sign-in, you have one password for access to your computer, device and email services.

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Single login for all devices and email

Office 365 services work well with Windows 10 to provide your crew with a single login for email, computer login and other services.

Remotely wipe threatened devices

If security is a concern, we can set up device requirements for mobile devices. If a device is stolen or needs remotely wiping, we can configure this for you so that no important information can be intercepted.

Automated signatures

Forget about creating complex signatures for each crew member. When sending emails, our server will automatically add names, position, website and social links, and anything else you need such as logos.

Alias & Group Emails

Multiple alias addresses routed to a single individual or group email accounts.

Access from everywhere

Access to your emails on computers, mobile devices, on-board or shoreside.

What’s an alias address?

An alias is an additional address to which you can send emails. For example, you could have a primary email address of [email protected], but also have alias addresses like [email protected] and [email protected] attached to the primary account. An email sent to any of those addresses will always reach the primary email account.

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