On-board, off-site & cloud file storage

Keep your data safe and secure with managed file storage solutions tailored to your requirements.

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Unlimited space with external sharing

Our technicians work with business in the marine sector. We know your clients are demanding which is why Azuz IT has managed IT service plans to meet the technical challenges required to keep your business in perfect shape.

Unlimited space

Central accounts’ computer that gives access to multiple users simultaneously.

Folder Permissions

Potential issues trigger our monitoring software so that a fix is completed before you even notice an issue.

External Sharing

Share folders external users and companies in a few clicks.

Access from Everywhere

Per device and cloud based security. Compromised or stolen devices can be remotely wiped of sensitive data.

Can I quickly restore data?

Local versions of files allow for quick restore, and if required restoration from other sources (such as cloud) is available.

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Scale your connections with combined satellite, 4G data and new laser comms.

Boat TV

The best in boat entertainment including favourites Sky UK, NC+ and DirecTV.


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